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B. ’’ ’ The preverbal indefinite ‘a child’ in (23a) has a partitive/specific reading, whereas the postverbal subject in (23b) may receive a nonspecific interpretation. ’’ (24) Subject inversion in Romance a. Ha mangiato Giovanni. b. Ha comida Juan. ’ (Italian) (Spanish) The ‘‘inverted subject’’ never occupied Spec,TP because it never functions as the goal of the probe; hence, it can occur in the ‘‘inverted’’ position to begin with or be moved there from some lower position (Kenstowicz 1989, Rizzi 1982).

I have been assuming the existence of phases, a phase being a complete unit of argument structure (vP) or expression (CP) (Chomsky 2001). In Chomsky 2001, it is not the entire phase that is transferred (or ‘‘spelled out’’); rather, it is only the interior (or ‘‘complement’’) of the phase. This gives rise to the Phase Impenetrability Condition. For example, once a CP is built, what is transferred is its complement, TP. 1 What ultimately is pronounced in the specifier position of the head that contains the probe may be the goal that fulfills the PGU requirement, as in the case of the external subject in Spec,TP, or it may be a copy of the goal.

In (10a), the expletive there starts out in the DP [DP there a man], and it contains the formal features of the DP (see Lasnik 1997; see also Chomsky 1986 and Safir 1982, 1985, 1987 for earlier versions that share some similarities with the proposals we are discussing). The probe enters into Agree with the f-features of the DP, and movement raises the carrier of the f-features—the expletive—to the probe, thereby establishing a PGU at transfer. What is of interest here is that an expletive always starts out with the associate DP, and it undergoes movement, just like a DP.

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