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Chunks. " What are the relations which bind pieces into a chunk? Chase and Simon examined the pattern of pauses in a simple perceptual task. The task required that chess players reconstruct a position seen on one board onto a neighbouring board. Players had to glance back and forth between the two boards (presumably to transfer pieces chunk by chunk), and their head movements and reconstruction were recorded on videotape. It was found that chess players paused significantly longer when placing a new piece if the piece had fewer relational links with the previously placed one than if it had many such links.

Words and concepts are not crosslisted under every possible category, however. ' " When the memory system is confronted with a cue which is not directly associated with the desired information, it can often search the general area where the information is stored. This type of search is really a form of problem solving. "8 Despite the highly connected structure of LTM, there are many occasions when information may not be accessible. There is a distinction between inaccessibility and absence. This distinction often underlies the difference in sensitivity between recall and recognition.

B-03 P-KN3? This weakening move leads to difficulties. (9) ... P-Q3 freed Black's game without making any concessions. 21 1: A brief history of the computer chess tournaments: 1970-1975 10. 0-0 12. 0-KB3 B-KN2 11. B-KB4 0-0 Rather awkward. (2) Q-Q2 preparing to trade the dark squared bishops was more natural. 12. 14. PxP 16. P-ON3 18. R-OB1 0-ON3 B-ON2 OR-OB1 KR-01 13. 15. 17. 19. P-OB4 0-KN3 OR-01 B-K3 0-05 BxOP 0-ON5 B-K5?? Overlooking White's reply. (19) ... P-QR4 maintained equality. 20. Q-KR4!

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