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By Paul Miller, Phyllis Cole-Dai

This devotional source publications you on a year's trip in which you'll find particular course for turning into a extra disciplined, trustworthy disciple of Christ. every one day-by-day studying starts with a press release of the day's valuable concept to concentration your brain, through the passage of Scripture that encouraged the primary thought. After this comes a quick meditation, and an workout that will help you practice the most inspiration in the course of the day.

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Being something of an organic gardener, he always dumped his kitchen scraps onto the plot and then hoed them under to add nutrients to the soil. One day, when he was in a great hurry, he ran outside with a pan full of potato peelings. Not wanting to take time to turn the peelings under the soil, he simply tossed them into the air. Unfortunately, he had forgotten to check the wind direction. He wore a good number of those peelings back into the house! Judging others is like throwing potato peelings into the wind.

It builds you up at someone else's expense, even if that person is unaware of it, and at your own expense, even if you do not believe it. This pride is the conceit that praises itself and no other. It is the vanity that looks only at its own face in the mirror. It is the false dignity that strikes a pose for effect. It is the false modesty that puts itself down in order to get attention. Today you will begin to close the door on the self-serving pride that separates you from your neighbor. Make a list of ways in which you indulge in vanity.

Day 30 Pride divides. —Romans 12:3 Just as there are two types of fear, there are two kinds of pride. The pride inspired by God is the satisfaction and joy you feel when you are living in harmony with the divine will. This kind of pride heightens your awareness of being one with God's creation. Witness a child being born, enjoy your beloved, comfort a friend, labor hard and well at what gives you pleasure, stand silently and watch the sun going down in a palette of purples and pinks, rest at the end of a day that felt just right—do such things, and you will feel the pride that is produced by praise-living.

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