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By Larry Crabb

Forever switch how you look at the Bible . . . and your personal life

Have you ever learn the Bible simply to come back away stressed? Ever puzzled if God actually had you in brain while He begun telling His story?

Though existence is probably not going in line with your plan, God has one other one, far better than you could think. From Genesis to Revelation, event His invitation to get you dancing with joy.

In 66 Love Letters Larry Crabb bargains a clean, relational examine Scripture:

“When you end analyzing my old flame letter to you, i need you to gain that I never underestimated how completely you’d reduce to rubble your lifestyles or how painfully you could fight and undergo, and that i don’t wish you to underestimate your failures or struggles both. They’re all a part of the tale I’m telling. “But neither have I underestimated my choice or skill to go into both the mess you’ve made and the discomfort you're feeling, then flip every little thing round. I can,...

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It is a story that provides the power not to give you everything you want in this world but to transform the little story of your life in this world into part of a meaningful and wonderfully, larger story that is the only one worth telling now while you wait for the satisfaction of every desire in the next world when you meet the Storyteller. A strong suggestion: don’t try to read this book straight through in a week or two, the way you would read a novel or a good Christian book on how to follow Christ.

God, I’m not really all that warmed by Your first love letter though the promise of restored beauty does stir something deep. I think I need to read more. ” “I always listen. And I’ll never turn away from you. ” “Hear this above all: I will do whatever it takes to carry out My plan! “I didn’t create you to be miserable or empty. My plan was, is, and always will be that you would share My joy. But you got yourself in such bad shape, so far away from Me, that you had no hope of real happiness. I couldn’t bear to leave you in that condition.

I knew that one day I would look down on a community of people that I would recreate and feel deep pleasure, and again be able to say, ‘This is good. ’ “Then Noah got drunk, his kids got in trouble, and their descendants— a capable bunch who developed civilization with the arts, industry, and agriculture—became proud. Drawing from the same energy with which Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, they set about to build their lives into a satisfying, organized existence without Me in the center. “So they erected this silly tower to rally everyone together.

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