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Instead, they are having to look toward God, for obviously He is doing His work in our city. Our people see Victory Television Network as a "window of heaven" from which flows deliverance, healing, and salvation to the people of our city and state. When a ministry is on television 24-hours a day, they had better be able to exemplify the character of Christ to the best of their ability. The people of a city will evaluate your character by what they have seen you speak and do. Character accepts responsibility.

It will be easy for them to see that God is a God of His Word because His people are. According to 2 Timothy 4:2-5, diligence in the Word of God will keep us from false doctrines. " The "In" Season When it is the "in season" to do a particular work for God, the faith and energy level are high. It is important to be anchored diligently in the Word because it is an active "season" or time. "In season" can almost feel like a whirlwind; therefore we must stay diligent in the full counsel of God, or we can become weary by the activities surrounding us.

The wisdom and revelation from God cannot flow through a carnal person because they are spiritual babes. A spiritual babe is unskilful in the word of righteousness (Hebrews 5:13). They do not know who they are in Christ, nor can they discern good from evil. Spiritual babes must be fed the "easy" principles of God, for they do not allow themselves to be groomed by the whole Word of God. They "pick and choose" what they want to hear because they are full of envying, strife, and divisions. This nature of man is quickly angered and easily offended.

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