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By Brian R. Hunt, Ronald L. Lipsman, Jonathan M. Rosenberg, with Kevin R. Coombes, John E. Osborn, and Garrett J. Stuck

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Applied Statistics Using SPSS, STATISTICA and MATLAB

Meant for someone desiring to use statistical research to a wide number of technological know-how and engineering difficulties, this publication exhibits the right way to use SPSS, MATLAB, STATISTICA and R for info description, statistical inference, type and regression, issue research, survival info and directional records.

Finanzmathematik mit MATLAB

"Wenn auch Studierende der Ingenieurwissenschaften die eigentliche Zielgruppe dieses bewährten Textes sind, kann die Darstellung aber auch für Studierende anderer mathematisch orientierter Studienrichtungen, wie etwa Physik, Physikalische Chemie und Technomathematik mit Gewinn gelesen werden, und ist daher durchaus für diesen weiteren Leserkreis zu empfehlen.

Text Mining with MATLAB®

Textual content Mining with MATLAB offers a entire advent to textual content mining utilizing MATLAB. It’s designed to assist textual content mining practitioners, in addition to people with little-to-no adventure with textual content mining in most cases, familiarize themselves with MATLAB and its complicated purposes. the 1st half presents an creation to easy strategies for dealing with and working with textual content strings.

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Finally, we observe that the Workspace browser presents a graphical alternative to whos. You can activate it by clicking on the Workspace tab, by typing workspace at the command prompt, or through the View item on the menu bar. Figure 2-2 depicts a Desktop in which the Command Window and the Workspace browser contain the same information as displayed above. Errors in Input If you make an error in an input line, MATLAB will beep and print an error message. For example, here’s what happens when you try to evaluate 3uˆ2: >> 3uˆ2 ???

A much better approach is to create an M-file. There are two different kinds of M-files: script M-files and function M-files. We shall illustrate the use of both types of M-files as we present different solutions to the problem described above. M-files are ordinary text files containing MATLAB commands. You can create and modify them using any text editor or word processor that is capable of saving files as plain ASCII text. ) More conveniently, you can use the built-in Editor/Debugger, which you can start by typing edit, either by itself (to edit a new file) or followed by the name of an existing M-file in the current working directory.

Also, you can change the horizontal and vertical ranges of the graph with axis. For example, to confine the vertical range to the interval from 1 to 4, type >> axis([-2 2 1 4]) The first two numbers are the range of the horizontal axis; both ranges must 28 Chapter 2: MATLAB Basics be included, even if only one is changed. We’ll examine more options for manipulating graphs in Chapter 5. To close the graphics window select File : Close from its menu bar, type close in the Command Window, or kill the window the way you would close any other window on your computer screen.

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