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By Fahim Mohammad

Pressured to escape his local Bangladesh, 8 year-old chess prodigy Fahim arrived in Paris together with his father. Refused asylum, as unlawful immigrants they spiralled downwards into homelessness and desperation. via a stroke of success, Fahim used to be brought to at least one of France's best chess coaches, Xavier Parmentier, who tutored him and gave him a feeling of goal, his struggles at the chessboard mirroring either his victories and his crushing defeats in his conflict for a traditional lifestyles. emerging via neighborhood and nationwide tournaments to be topped France's Under-12 Chess Champion in 2012, Fahim turned a countrywide sensation. In 2013 he went directly to win the realm Under-13 scholar Championship. advised in the course of the transparent eyes of a kid, Fahim's story is not just a relocating account of the bleak realities that underlie a supposedly being concerned society, but in addition a heartwarming testimony to a father's choice, the kindness of strangers, and one small boy's brave will to prevail.

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