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This education handbook covers all facets of conducting a actual covert surveillance which will assemble intelligence and facts.

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During this phase the trigger man plays the most important role in the team, he has to be alert at all times and have total concentration on the target premises. The operator has to be covert and should not be in a position that is obvious. An aware target is more likely to be alert at the pick up phase and anything unusual will be noticed, remember thii will be his territory and his domain and he will know it better than you. At the first sign of possible movement by the target, the trigger man puts the team on 'Standby'.

Remember in surveillance, that in everything we do we must always act naturally, adopt an identity and have a reason for being rhere. cover stoiies are many and may be left to the imagination but ensure thit your reason for being there is realistic and probable. I have got away without being approached for h6urs just by wearing a fluorescent vest or having the vest thrown over the dashboard. Also in tne palt i have told enquirers that I intend serving a Divorce Petition on someone who is trying to avoid me and am awaiting for them to return.

Lf you find yourserf foilowing a rost driver he may consider to be ,anti_suiveilance,. rnis carry out manoeuvres that you may toutd irlrrJ"llnanging speed, suddenry stopping, making 'U'turns orgoing around a roundabout a tew times. These are classic anti-surveitanie manoeuuie. 6rt are arso the signs of a rost driver, so you shourd decide at an earry stage, is the target rost or is he trying to catch you out. THIRD PARTY AWARENESS Most surveitance work is considered ,covert,; we are being secretive about what we are doing and we do not want the target t.

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