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By Guillaume Carlier (auth.), Shigeo Kusuoka, Toru Maruyama (eds.)

Research Articles: G. Carlier, Duality and life for a category of mass transportation difficulties and monetary functions; Charles Castaing and Ahmed Gamal Ibrahim: useful evolution equations ruled via m-accretive operators; Leonid Hurwcz and Marcel ok. Richter, Implicit services and diffeomorphisms with out C; Leonid Hurwicz and Marcel ok. Richter, Optimization and Lagrange multipliers: Non-C1 Constraints and minimum constraint skills; Takao Fujimoto, Jose A. Silva and Antonio Villar, Nonlinear generalizations of theorems on inverse-positive matrices; Shigeo Kusuoka, Monte Carlo approach for pricing of Bermuda style derivatives.- Historical Perspectives: Isao Mutoh, Mathematical economics in Vienna among the wars.- topic index.

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Such that h(t , x ,M~(Z)) c cB E for all (t,x) E In the remainder of we will assume that r : [0, 1] ---. Z is a compact valued measurable multifunction . Now let A(t) be a m-accretive operator in E satisfying (HI) , (H 2 ) , (H3 ) with D := D(A(t)) ball-compact. e t E [0,1], i; wherc A belongs to the set SE of an relaxed controls . 10 b), for each A E SE, there is a unique solution U,A to the problem (Pn ) Ü,A (t ) E -A(t)u,A(t) + { U,A(O) = Xo E D. e t E [0,1], Functional evolution equations govemed by rn-accretive operators 45 LetussetH(t ,x) := h(t , x ,'L,(t)),V(t, x) E [0,1] xE.

It is well-known that M~(Z) is a compact metrizable space for the a (C(Z)' ,C(Z))-topology. We need first a density result. 1. ) Let (T, T ,J-l) be a complete probability space and let Z be a compact metric space. Let I' : T ---+ ß (Z ) be a multifunction with mea surable graph and let E(t) := {v E M~ (Z) : v (r (t) ) = I} for all t E T. Let A E SE (where SE is the set of all T-measurable selections ofE) and a;. = f Tc5t ® AtJ-l(d t ). Let e > 0, (9i : i E I) and (h i : i E I) two finite sequences in L I (T, J-l ) and C(Z ) respectively.

Functions of relaxed controls. : Optimal control of differential and functional equations. : Compactness methods for nonlinear evolutions equations. : On uniformly convex functions. J. Math. Anal. Appl. 95, 344-374 (1983) ä Adv. Math . Econ. 5, 55-63 (2003) Advancesin MATHEMATICAL ECONOMICS ©Springer-Verlag 2003 Nonlinear generalizations of theorems on inverse-positive matrices* Takao Fujimoto", Jose A. jp) Department of Economic Analysis, University of Alicante, 03071 Alicante, Spain Department ofEconomic Analysis , University of Alicante and IVIE, 03071 Alicante, Spain Received: August 2, 2002 Revised: September 2, 2002 JEL classification: C67 Mathematics Subject Classification (2000): 15A48 Abstract.

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