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By B. W. Filippone, Xiangdong Ji (auth.), J. W. Negele, E. W. Vogt (eds.)

The 4 articles of the current quantity tackle very assorted themes in nuclear physics and, certainly, surround experiments at very other kinds of exp- imental amenities. the variety of curiosity of the articles extends from the character of the substructure of the nucleon and the deuteron to the overall homes of the nucleus, together with its section transitions and its wealthy and unforeseen quantal homes. the 1st article by means of Fillipone and Ji reports the current experimental and theoretical scenario bearing on our wisdom of the foundation of the spin of the nucleon. till approximately two decades in the past the half-integral spin of the neutron and p- ton used to be considered as their intrinsic estate as Dirac debris which have been the elemental construction blocks of atomic nuclei. Then, with the arrival of the normal version and of quarks because the easy construction blocks, the substructure of the - cleon grew to become the topic of extreme curiosity. preliminary nonrelativistic quark m- els assigned the beginning of nucleon spin to the elemental half-integral spin of its 3 constituent quarks, leaving no room for contributions to the spin from the gluons linked to the interacting quarks or from the orbital angular momentum of both gluons or quarks. That naive knowing used to be shaken, approximately fifteen years in the past, by way of experiments concerning deep-inelastic scattering of electrons or muons from nucleons.

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Alternatively, NLO QCD fits (as described in the next Section) can be used to evolve the data sets to a common The E155 collaboration has recently reported [49] a global analysis of spin structure function integrals. They have evolved the world data set on and and have extrapolated to low and to high using a NLO fit to the data. 3 with the predictions for the Ellis-Jaffe and Bjorken sum rules (Eqs. 29) including QCD radiative corrections for up to order using the calculations of Ref. [217] and world-average for [241].

W. Filippone and Xiangdong Ji inclusive direct-photon production is then For the polarized cross-section the parton distributions are replaced by polarized distributions and the parton cross-sections are replaced by the spin-dependent cross-section The tree-level parton scattering cross-section is where the gration over, say, reduces the parton momentum integration into one intewith range and For the polarized case, we have the same expression as in Eq. 16) but with The Spin Structure of the Nucleon 47 In the energy region where the Compton subprocess is dominant, we can write the proton-proton cross-section in terms of the deep-inelastic structure functions and and the gluon distributions G and [70], Here the factorization scale µ is usually taken as the photon transverse momentum Unfortunately, the above simple picture of direct photon production is complicated by high-order QCD corrections.

If the initial photon has momentum and the parton from the nucleon (with momentum P) has momentum the invariant mass of the di-jet is the at which the parton densities are probed is where is the Bjorken variable. Therefore the di-jet invariant mass fixes the parton momentum fraction. W. Filippone and Xiangdong Ji The Spin Structure of the Nucleon 41 If the contribution from the quark initiated subprocess is small or the quark distribution is known, the two-jet production is a useful process to measure the gluon distribution.

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