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By Margery Brown, Culverson Blair

Afro-Bets: e-book of Shapes [Paperback]
Margery Brown (Author), Culverson Blair (Illustrator)

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Rogue paranormal force? Invading New Orleans? Mass Panic? Sykes hadn’t finished explaining the whole story. Willow swallowed and stared at Marley. One of her three sisters, Marley’s eyes were forest-green, darker than Willow’s, and her hair slightly less neon although just as curly. ” Marley had gotten herself involved with a dangerous life-form they knew only as Bolivar, an Embran, and she’d come close to being killed. That had been about four months ago and Willow was suddenly convinced they were about to suffer another confrontation with these things they understood so little about, other than that they had an inexplicable vendetta against the Millets.

Her new enemy clawed at the pit of her stomach: panic. Until a few days ago she had been a completely in-charge, take-on-the-world woman. Then she had become convinced she was being followed. Whenever she left her flat in the Court of Angels behind her family’s antiques shop, J. Clive Millet on Royal Street, someone watched her every move. They were waiting for the right moment to grab her—she was certain of it. Don’t run. Sweat stung her eyes, turned her palms slick, and her heart beat so hard and fast she couldn’t swallow.

She wanted to get to her private place and lock herself in. ” Uncle Pascal. Current family head since Willow’s father had abdicated his responsibilities—more than twenty years earlier—in favor of running after family secrets in various parts of the world, Uncle Pascal had a penchant for stating the obvious. “Here I am,” Willow said and thought, and here I go, as she carried on past gleaming old furniture, glittering glass and finely glowing paintings, toward her goal: the back door. “I’ve been waiting for you,” Uncle said, moving into her path.

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