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This booklet places all rumors apart on alchemy. it tells directly up what's genuine alchemy and what's faux. this can be very informative and that i may suggest it to somebody attracted to the topic

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Isaiah 45 - 7) Before Creation, the Darkness was not revealed, because of the magnificence and sovereignty of the Light; it was instead concealed in the Light of Wisdom and the Holy Trinity. The Light had to first give birth to the Darkness, so that the eternal Alchemy Unveiled Page 50 Wisdom could view itself therein, just like in a mirror, otherwise God could have only revealed Himself to Himself. The Light is the first Materia of all things, and all Corpora inclusive of the Body of Human Beings will only then be fully restored to their first dignity, when the Light will again shine out of them from within.

In Genesis, Moses calls this the Breath of Life inspired by God or His Spirit. The Lowermost is the sensitive Soul, which is called the picture (Image). " The Middle is the reasonable Spirit, which is the extreme of both, and connects the animalistic Soul and the Divine Intellect and takes part in the Nature of these two extremes. Yet, the reasonable Spirit is different fro? the Uppermost in Human Beings, that is the illuminated understanding, the Divine Intellect, the Light and the Higher Alchemy Unveiled Page 43 Part.

According to this, it seemed possible to him, in this manner, to learn to perceive particular words on a purely physical basis. In regards to this speculation, Kerning went as far as dividing each and every step of the seven steps of the Master into seven additional steps. On account of this, he complicated the Human Form into 50 divisions and even more. Then, all of them had to be dealt with accordingly, "letter by letter"; that means, to vitalize them to the degree that they become able to perceive.

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