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By Christos H. Papadimitriou (auth.), Lars Arge, Michael Hoffmann, Emo Welzl (eds.)

This e-book constitutes the refereed lawsuits of the fifteenth Annual eu Symposium on Algorithms, ESA 2007, held in Eilat, Israel, in October 2007 within the context of the mixed convention ALGO 2007.

The sixty three revised complete papers provided including abstracts of 3 invited lectures have been conscientiously reviewed and chosen: 50 papers out of a hundred sixty five submissions for the layout and research song and thirteen out of forty four submissions within the engineering and functions song. The papers deal with all present topics in algorithmics achieving from layout and research problems with algorithms over to real-world functions and engineering of algorithms in a number of fields.

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A simple observation leads to the following bound on the players payoff. Lemma 1. In a Nash equilibrium the payoff pi of every player i is bounded by n/2k < pi < 2n/k. Proof: If a player gains p and some other player moves to the same location then both payoffs are at least p/2. Therefore the ratio between the largest and the smallest payoffs among all players can be at most 2. If all players have the same payoff, it must be exactly n/k, since the payoffs sum up to n. Otherwise there is at least one player who gains strictly less than n/k, and another player who gains strictly more than n/k.

Pn ) is a Nash equilibrium if no player can improve their payoff unilaterally by changing their strategy pi . , p) with p repeated k times. Then the mixed strategy p is a best reply to pn−1 if for all mixed strategies p we have u(p; pn−1 ) ≥ u(p ; pn−1 ). If all players in a symmetric game follow the same strategy, then pn is the resulting mixed strategy profile. The strategy profile pn is a (symmetric) Nash equilibrium if p is a best reply to pn−1 . , p) in which each player follows the same strategy.

L = [m] is the set of links. For i ∈ [m], link i has speed ci . m 4. An allocation s is a vector in [0, 1]m such that j=1 s(j) = 1. 5. , a strategy assigns an allocation to every task weight in W . Then P is the set of all strategies. A strategy profile p1 , . . , pn assigns a strategy pi ∈ P to each player i. Now fix a routing model with strategy set P . In the following we use pi (j, w) for the probability that, in strategy pi ∈ P , user i assigns a task with weight w to link j. As usual, (pi , p−i ) denotes a strategy profile where user i follows strategy Evolutionary Equilibrium in Bayesian Routing Games 33 pi and the other players’ strategies are given by the vector p−i of length n − 1.

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