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He turned to 187, again finding writing and adjusting his lower bound. 186 187 “218,” said Notation. The pages were blank, so Frank adjusted his lower and upper bounds to 187 and 217, respectively. 218 219 “202,” said Notation before Frank had even finished adding the upper and lower bounds. ” asked Frank. “Practice,” she replied. “We used to have binary search competitions at the academy whenever we needed a break from studying. ” Frank shook his head. “Sounds like a wild time,” he muttered. 42 Chapter 6 Pages 202 and 203 were filled.

Shouted Notation, waving her arms. “I know how to use the index of an array. I know that we only have to walk up to the barn with a giant #2 outside. ” “Well, you asked,” Frank replied. ” Arrays and Indexes on a Criminal’s Farm 19 “Of course you were,” said Frank. He began walking again. ” shouted the officer, stamping to catch up. Frank shot her a smile over his shoulder. ” As Frank had learned years ago, the Crannock family embraced the concept of arrays with an almost fanatical devotion. They organized everything into linear structures with clearly labeled indexes for each element.

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