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In an effort towards an ubiquitous distribution of wireless devices‚ high bandwidth is clearly a desirable feature. The ubiquity constraints imposed by ambient intelligence‚ however‚ limit the possible choices‚ and higher bandwidth is not always the best choice. For example‚ high-bandwidth optical connections which require line-of-sight operations are clearly not suitable for outdoor connectivity. 38 AMBIENT INTELLIGENCE: IMPACT ON EMBEDDED SYSTEM DESIGN In addition‚ since bandwidth is related to the frequency range‚ it also affects coverage.

To meet cycle time constraints‚ micro-architecture has evolved toward deeply pipelined solutions‚ where only a few (8-12) stages of logic are available on the critical path of a stage. Fast clocks and high complexity imply high power consumption. Power consumption is indeed viewed as one of the most significant limitation to current evolutionary trends in microprocessor design [18]. Lowering power supply does not solve the problem‚ because design complexity and clock speed scale faster‚ and their compound effect swamps the benefits given by voltage scaling.

Reeves and C. Nass. The Media Equation. Cambridge University Press‚ Cambridge‚ Massachusetts‚ 1996. [17] M. Weiser. ” Scientific American‚ 165(3):94– 104‚ 1991‚ reprinted in IEEE Pervasive Computing‚ march 2003‚ 19-25. it Abstract Computational platforms are a key enabling technology for materializing the Ambient Intelligence vision. Ambient intelligence devices will require a widely ranging computational power under widely ranging system-level constraints on cost‚ reliability‚ power consumption.

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