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By Byron Jacobs

Inspired via Alexander Kotov's Think Like a Grandmaster, chess columnist and foreign grasp Byron Jacobs has created a approach that trains gamers to imagine methodically in ordinary over-the-board events. He focuses in particular on supporting them to investigate properly and make experience of advanced positions--precisely these features of chess the place video games are received or lost.

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Ac5 there follows 20. 'W xf3 A xd4 21 . , and the attempt to play for mate - 21 . . e5!? 22. tD xh8 Ae6 - is parried by 23. b3 'Wa3 24. A b5+ axb5 25. �xd4 exd4 26. �e1 'Wa7 27. tD g6 . 20. 'Wxd4 Wc5 5 �4 tij � 3 ttJ il, il, � 2 2 � � � WJ g 1 g 4 3 a 16 • • • b c d e f 9 8 7 h 'Wa5 A p p a rently, to the experienced Evg­ eny Vlad i m irov, Black's ach ievements in Gazi k - Popovic (Stary Smokovec 1 99 1 ) seemed inadequate. That game continued 1 6 . tD xd3+ 1 7. 'W xd3 tD xe3 1 8. 'W xe3 Ac5 1 9.

22. A xg7 � xd8, and if 23. � xh7 there is the u n p l easant 23 . . � aS! N ow Wh ite's position is again almost won . 2 2 . tf6! 'Wf8 23. i h8! 23 . . g xg7 is hopeless: 24. A xg7 �f7 (if 24 . . �e8 25. A c3, and the detached knight is soon won) 25. � h8+ � c7 26. Af6 A c6 27. �dB+ � b7 28. A xf3 A xf3 29. Ae7! or 29. A e5. 27. fxg5 �e5 28. 'Wf6 'Wd6 29. ig8+ �c7 30. �c3! Black resigned. Carlsen played the second half of the tournament with alternating success, but never­ theless, by scori ng 5% poi nts in 9 rounds, for the second time in succession (after Wij k aan Zee) he achieved the g randmaster norm.

1 1 . f3 g5!? •• Dram men 2004/2005 1 . �f3 �f6 2. c4 c6 3. d4 d5 4. �c3 dxc4 5. tf5 6. �e5 �bd7 7. �xc4 'Wc7 8. g3 e5 9. dxe5 �xe5 1 0 . ::, d e f 1 2 . fxg4 gxf4 1 3. �xe5 'Wxe5 1 4. tc5 1 5. I 8 ......... t 6 4 e But this is already his own home prepa­ ratio n , si nce M o rozevich's cont i n u ation 11 . ''We7 12. fxg4 ttid3+ 13. 'Wxd3 A xd3 14. ttid6+ �d7 1 5 . 0-0-0 led to serious problems. However, the attempt to rehabili­ tate the idea of the piece sacrifice proves unsound . 9 By playing 1 5 .

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